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Why Choose Adams 14?

Adams 14 offers more than just excellent public education. We advance education equity, celebrate the cultural richness of our community, provide comprehensive learning for our students, and cultivate a sense of purpose and confidence so that students and staff can reach their full potential. 

To provide this experience, we understand the importance of having high-quality staff members in every department and in every classroom. By offering a comprehensive compensation package, including great benefits and retirement plans, we attract the top candidates in the field and ensure our staff members feel valued so they can focus on what matters – our students’ success.

By working in Adams 14, you can live in a big city while enjoying the small-town feel of this diverse school district. As you develop your skills through our professional development programs, there will be opportunities for career advancement and further compensation that will make your investment in Adams 14 worthwhile.

A Day in the Life of an Adams 14 Teacher


We know the application process can be confusing. That is why we have broken the process down into steps that you can follow.