Welcome to English and Academic Language Development!

English Language Development (ELD) and Academic Language Development (ALD)    is a unique 45 minute class that meets students'language needs at their ability level. We provide targeted development of formal, academic English for students of all skill levels. We use a program called Systematic ELD to advance students'English skill and support learning in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

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  • What is ELD/ALD?

The Adams County School District 14 is dedicated to closing the acheivement gap for our minority and low-income students. ELD/ALD is a major part of this effort. Adams 14 has deigned the daily elementary school schedule to include ELD/ALD as a complete 45 minute class. Language Development is a separate experience from the regular reading and writing work students do during their homeroom class time. Besides also emphasizing listening and speaking, Language Development often crosses curriculum to include a broad range of topics that connect students to math, science, social studies, and the outside world. In Language development students build skills that encourage them to think and communicate in formal, academic English.

  • What is the difference between ELD and ALD?

 Over half of the students in Adams 14 and at Monaco are English Language Learners. A student's language status is based on a language survey that parents or guardians fill out when students start school. If the survey states a language other than English is spoken at home, those students are ELLs. They are tested and placed in an ELD class based on their English development level. If the survey states that only English is spoken at home, they are placed in either a Reading Intervention class or an ALD class based on reading scores. ELD varies depending on language level. Some students are learning English for the first time and others are nearly fully bilingual. Either way, ELD encourages students to further their comprehension of English. ALD is designed to advance native English speakers' mastery of the English language. Academic Language Development prepares students of all levels to succeed both in and out of the classroom.