Monaco first graders are busy reading, writing, and working hard in math!

They are practicing retelling fiction stories that include Characters, Setting, Beginning, Middle, End, and the Central Message! It's a lot of information, but the students are rising to the occasion and many are on their way to mastering the skill.

Wow! The first graders are becoming accomplished writers! Every student has published a piece of writing and is working hard writing their opinions. They are learning that writing is a way to communicate. Clear writing that has spaces, capitals, periods, and spelling with LOTS of sounds is important to our first graders.

Math is a time for us to also use our reading and writing skills. We are working towards mastering our addition and subtraction math facts. Shapes, ordinal numbers, and real-life math problems are also aspects of our math 'life'. 

Overall, first graders are becoming more mature students who can be looked at as leaders in the school. They are practicing the five Tribes agreements and are enjoying getting to know their peers and teachers.


Go First Grade, Class of 2025!