Fourth graders have been busy this year! 



We have been studying regions of Colorado and the Native American tribes that lived in those different regions.  Each fourth grade class is becoming experts on a different region and tribe, and we look forward to teaching and sharing our knowledge with the other classes.  We will also be inviting families to view our interactive final products, so keep an eye out at home for information regarding that!

We are also working on storytelling through writing personal narratives about important events that have occurred in our own lives.  We will be having an author’s celebration to share our stories with the other fourth grade classes.

In math we’ve been working on many rigorous concepts that require basic skills.  Kids MUST be practicing their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts at home DAILY.  It is unacceptable to be counting on fingers for these facts, as the concepts will only continue to increase in rigor.

Please make sure you are reading at home with your child, as the only way they will grow as much as they need to is to make sure they are reading daily both in school and at home.  Ask questions about what they read, have conversations about what happened at school, and talk to your child about what goals they are working toward.  Success at school truly depends on a partnership between what is happening here and what you are continuing to practice at home.